Complete Requirements Of Hungry Scholarships

Complete Requirements Of Hungry Scholarships

Request for a Hungarian Government Scholarship 2020-2021. Hungaricum Scholarship Program The scholarship was launched in 2013 by the Hungarian government.


Complete Requirements Of Hungry Scholarships

Hungarian scholarships for 2020–2021 are similar to scholarships from the Chinese government, Fulbright scholarships from the United States, Korean government scholarships (Korea’s global scholarships), Turkish Burlari scholarships, Australian awards, Swedish Institute scholarships in Sweden or MEXT scholarships in Japan. It covers all your expenses and applicants do not need to pay anything.

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Host country:
Stipendium hungaricum
Click here to find suitable host institutions and details of their study programs.
In addition, apply for a scholarship from Harbin Institute of Technology 2020-21 with a fully funded scholarship from the Chinese government.

Undergraduate Programs
Master Program
Single level master’s programs
Doctoral programs
Non-graduate programs
Hungarian preparatory course
Specialization courses
In the Hungarian education system, single-level master’s programs cover both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree; therefore, it is an inseparable master’s program, which gives a master’s degree. These single-level programs are offered in specific fields of study, such as general medicine, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, architecture, law, veterinary medicine, forestry engineering, etc.

Bachelor’s scholarships: 2-4 years
Master’s scholarships: 1.5-2 years
One-level master: 5-6 years
Doctoral Fellowships: 4 years
Programs without a degree: 1 year
Lists of eligible curricula defined in existing education cooperation agreements between Hungary and a specific sending partner

  • Full Degree Programs – Click Here
  • Partial research – click here
  • Free education
  • Tuition exemption
  • Monthly scholarship

Monthly contribution in the amount of 43,700 forints (about 130 euros) to living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until completion of studies.

Doctoral studies: according to the current legislation of Hungary, the monthly scholarship is 140,000 forints (about 450 euros) for the first stage of study (4 semesters) and 180,000 forints (about 580 euros) for the second stage (4 semesters). ) – 12 months a year, until graduation. Please see the details in section 1.2.1.
Contribution to Accommodation
A free hostel or a contribution of 40,000 forints per month to pay for the entire period of the scholarship.
Please note that if the student does not live in the hostel, then 40,000 forints per month is a contribution to these rental costs, and in larger cities, especially in the capital, this fee does not cover the full cost of the rental. ,
Medical insurance
medical services in accordance with the relevant Hungarian legislation (Law No. 80 of 1997, the national health insurance card) and additional medical insurance in the amount of up to 65,000 forints (about 205 euros) per year per person


Applications will be deemed acceptable if the applicant is appointed by the responsible authorities of the Sending Partner.

Stipendium Hungaricum is a fully-funded scholarship for international students to study in a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs at 31 Hungarian higher education institutions.

Complete Requirements Of  Hungry Scholarships 2019
Complete Requirements Of
Hungry Scholarships 2019

In Pakistan, the sending partner is the Pakistan Higher Education Commission.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Liva African Republic, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia *, Montenegro


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