Best OGDL Based Scholarships Available In Pakistan

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Best OGDL Scholarships in Pakistan

Defense and strategic research, gender studies, history, and animal sociology. Science, biochemistry, microbiology, electronics, physics, mathematics, information technology and research. The program is aligned with HEC’s goals of supporting financially worthy students, expanding access to quality education and promoting academic interest in areas that are vital to Pakistan’s economic development. The program has been specifically designed to help students from the OGDCL operating / preferential areas.


The OGDCL-HEC scholarship program based on needs is aimed at providing opportunities for access to higher education, especially for needy candidates from the operating and preferential fields of OGDCL, who, despite having academic qualifications, cannot finance their education. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, accommodation and meals.

OGDCL management approved a program totaling 141 million Rupees at its meeting held on December 21, 2016. The project is funded by an oil and gas company limited by corporate social responsibility.

In the first year of the program, the total number of students as beneficiaries is 130.

Our goals:

Provide an opportunity for academically qualified and financially needy students in OGDCL operating and privileged areas to graduate at selected state universities in Pakistan in areas such as engineering, business management, law, archeology, defense and strategic studies, gender studies, history, sociology, animal sciences , biochemistry, microbiology, electronics, physics, mathematics, information technology and research pack. The proposed discipline among the proposed disciplines may vary each semester in accordance with the decision of OGDCL management.

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